A small group of gastronomic food lovers turned connoiseurs bringing you an authentic flavour of biryani. We are immensely proud to introduce you our Kalyana Veetu Bhai biryani, a one of its kind, straight from the kitchens of Top class chef in the vicinity. We don’t just prepare the tastiest biryani, we are known for our indigenous wedding style biryani.


The word Biryani originated from the Persian word “brishtah” (برشتہ), which means fried onions that are added with flavored rice, marinated meat and a range of spices. There are various concepts associated with the origin of this delicious recipe. Several chroniclers believe that biryani stemmed from Persia and was introduced to India by the Mughal people. Biryani was further evolved in the kitchens of Mughal Royal chefs known to us by the name of “Khansama”.

Let’s go back a few decades and look at when “Biryani Era” came into place in our beautiful country. One of the mightiest and influential dynasty of the medieval world, the Magnificent Mughals are intertwined with our India’s history and culture. They persuaded our traditional practices starting from our food culture to art and architecture, bequested us with a fleeting legacy that still lives on.

The Emperors of the Mughal Dynasty were very fond of luxurious dining experiences as well as valued the art of food preparation. The conventional Mughlai Biryani had flawless spiced meat portions with kewra perfumed rice that emanated alluring scent that can make any person hungry immediately. The significance of Mughlai cuisine during the times of “ Shah Jahan “ was highly endorsed and influenced by his son Aurangazeb. Being the most religious of all the reigning

emperors of the Mughal Dynasty, Aurangazeb was always amused by vegetarian dishes. According to a book written by Aurangazeb passed on to his sons, ( Rukat-e-Alamgiri ) Qubooli, one of a kind biryani which was a pride in the dining tables of Aurangazeb.


The great taste of the traditional wedding biriyani comes from the time-honoured traditional cooking practices. In ``Kalyana Veetu Bai Biriyani``, we have painstakingly unlocked the secrets of these techniques and paired them with a modern state-of-the-art cooking station.


The perfect biriyani does not happen by accident. It is crafted by those who have dedicated years of their lives to learning and practicing the art of cooking up the perfect biriyani. Our chefs are passionate about cooking the perfect biriyani as you are about having them.


We eat food for survival. We eat biriyani to feel joy. That is the feeling we have worked hard towards creating. We know how it feels to order biriyani from one restaurant to another, chasing that taste and joy. We wanted our biriyani to be perfect. Share this experience with your friends, and we promise you that you will forever be known as the person who introduced them to the greatest biriyani of all times.

  • A recipe is only as good as the ingredients. Every single ingredient that goes into our biriyani has been handpicked by our expert chef. We choose the ingredient for its freshness, taste, and place of origin.


    These ingredients are then blended, mixed, diced, and cut with an expert hand to bring out the most flavour. We never use frozen meat or vegetables, sourcing everything fresh from premium local vendors and government-approved slaughterhouses, with halal cut.

  • We are obsessed with hygiene. From clearing stations to spot checks, our nook and corner of our kitchen is spotless. Our chef and cleaning crew is driven to ensure that we operate the cleanest kitchen in the city.


    From storing every single item appropriately, in its own high-grade storing solution, to regimented cleaning rituals, we ensure that all your food contains is great ingredients, masterful craftsmanship, and all our love.

  • We continually strive to eliminate waste and make all aspects of our business as environmentally friendly as possible. From recyclable high quality food grade containers, environmentally friendly packaging, to our signature specially crafted tin containers, we work hard to make sure that our impact on the environment is minimal.
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